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stargated's Journal

another damn jenn
23 May 1984

who's that girl?

A twenty-something with way too much time on her hands, one of many Jenns in the world (but when referring to this one, please don't forget the extra n, she's rather possessive of it), and a slight addict. Worships Neil Gaiman and all forms of music, and only sometimes talks in the third person. Abuses childish phrases like "your mom", "your face", and "up your butt". Loves making "original" interests, misusing html codes, Pepsi (her lifeblood), and clove cigarettes.

all about...

Adjectives: creative, enigmatic, eclectic, quirky, cute, obstinate, mildly sardonic

Likes: Singing along; chair dancing (not to be confused with lap dancing); some of those Sci-Fi things; making things up as I go along; life, the universe, and everything; abusing semicolons; movies with shiny fight scenes; actors who make fun of themselves and each other; both the Beatles and Elvis songs... sung by other people; boxers, definitely; one glass of wine to go straight to my head; occasionally gesticulating.

Dislikes: Pro-Life bumper stickers and the cars they are attached to; most other types of alcohol (most, not all); the word occasionally and its penchant for kicking my ass; a list of pop culture icons that are to be considered minions of evil whether they be real (eg: Carrot Top) or fictional (eg: Spongebob Squarepants); people who don't understand the concept of bathing regularly; the phrase "to be honest with you" and it's variations; sometimes the letter Q, but only slightly.

Aspirations: Conquer the world using a wooden spork and a green sharpie. Or, you know... Finish and publish a book or two.

fandom wanks.

STARGATE!!! Whether it's SG-1 or SGA, it doesn't matter. Newest fandom, and current topic occupying the brain. Also likes Knights of the Old Republic, anything by that literary god Neil Gaiman, sometimes Harry Potter and his Wizarding World, completely 100% The Big Bang Theory, the (not so) new series of Robin Hood that plays on the BBC, Sci-Fi in general with special appreciations for Farscape, Odyssey 5, Battlestar Galactica (though still on season 2 :O), and Phil of the Future (shut your face, it's Disney's proudest Sci-Fi moment). PAIRINGS include (but are not limited to): Penny/Sheldon! (BBT), McShep (SGA), Sam/Jack (SG-1), Daniel/Vala (SG-1), Ronon/Teyla (SGA), Rodney/Elizabeth (SGA), Oliver/Charlie (HP), Aziraphale/Crowley (GO), John/Aeryn (Farscape), Booth/Brennan (BONES), Lavender/Neville (HP)... and more. This list is just the tip of the iceberg, many more fandoms occupy the brain enclosed, but these are the primary topics of discussion as of late.

profile codes
a bit of the scifi yeah?, can't forget zelenka, carson beckett x 2, carth onasi is whiny love, chuck taggart pwns robocop, chuck taggart's subterfuge methods, crichton in aeryn's body, crichton's rygel voice, daniel + jack = pseudogay, daniel jackson the prior, daniel jackson's many deaths, it started with a bang, joe flanigan's poing hair, john crichtonisms, johnny 5 is alive!, jonas quinn can't lose, keller even with my name, kotor and canderous specifically, lt col errand boy, manwhore rodney mckay, mckay's awkward ramblings, more than 15 seasons please, mostly things stargate related, poor poor pilot, pullo and vorenus mostly, revan was a bloody girl!, ronon and his dreads, ronon and keller too, sam carter's alien stalkers, sga fanart of all kinds, sheldon might love penny, shep the modern day kirk, space cowboys and snark, teen!jack o'neill, the good ship mcshep, the importance of being ordo, the proverbial woodchuck, the stargate universe, vala's suggestive humor