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May. 3rd, 2010

But I've learned something. A valuable lesson.

Roleplaying is a wasted effort. It's a wasted effort and a hurtful one. Because people can just take something you've put a lot of creative energy into- and give it to someone else. And you can't even get upset about it, because you opened that door to begin with. And since it all takes place in a world you have no creative control over (thank you for that, JKR), then you can't do anything about it.

You just get to watch while people tell other people to copy your shit.

Also, be careful how friendly you get with people you talk to on the internet.

So says the girl writing in her livejournal. Just another item in the long list of things I have to delete before I move.

a fanmix.

If you like new music- well, I've made a fanmix for a storyline I'm writing and just wanted to share it.

and also, pantsCollapse )

Unsent Letter

Dear Person Wondering Why All Their Storylines Fall Through,

Listen. I've been thinking about what you said about not being able to establish connections with other characters and I have a theory on this. Looking back at your old posts I've noticed your characters aren't very engaging. In a typical conversation people usually banter back and forth about their day and it's not just quippy one word responses. It's hard for people to say something back when you don't give them anything to bounce off of. Also, I've noticed you don't really respond to other people's posts. How is any character supposed to establish a rapport with yours when they're so closed off, antisocial, and quite frankly- depressing? People don't want to be around that all the time in real life, and it's true of fiction as well. It seems that you don't actually want to develop any plot for your characters, from what I've seen- you just expect people to want to bring something to the table because you're there. And the things you have developed are all very one-sided. When one character travels all the time and the other apparently keeps to himself except for work- where is the potential for growth?

And I'm not saying it's the easiest thing in the world to throw yourself (or your characters) out there. People have a bad habit of getting cliquey, even without meaning to (and I know for a fact that I'm guilty of that myself), but I make an active effort to break away from those cliques. I try to put a lot of thought into why my characters would interact with others because random "lets have them meet up and see what happens" scenes nearly always fall flat and leave everyone feeling disappointed. If you don't make an effort to find out what people are looking for to develop their characters, or offer something that actually shows you've put thought into it they're going to lose interest. It can't be a one-sided thing. All I can tell you is that from what I've seen based on our personal conversations and your public interactions in game you really don't seem to put forth any effort but instead complain A LOT that no one wants to play with you.

I can't really blame them, because frankly, I don't want to play with you. Which is sad, because you're a perfectly nice person, and you have characters that other ANY other circumstance I would probably really enjoy interacting with. But you're a selfish player. You expect the other person to come up with all the ideas and don't put anything else on the table. Would YOU want to play with someone like that?

Tired of Hearing You Complain

This is made of awesome.

Stole this meme from chrryblssmninja:

1. Assign me the basis of some show idea.
2. I will create the characters, including the actors who'd play them. Photos included.
3. I will come up with a general synopsis of the premise.


Feel free to be as insane as you'd like.

Example: Bad Brother

Ten young, attractive people share a house, but one of them is a convicted serial killer. He (or she) kills one of the contestants every week, until found out and voted off.

BBT & Moving Rambles

Have not had time to finish writing the next scene to my story because I'm moving tomorrow. Wish I were done moving now. Am excited but exhausted. Cannot wait for boobalicious episode in 6 minutes! Also, Naive (by the Kooks but covered by Lily Allen) is so a S/P song. Just saying.

Lips, Eyes, Glasses, Guh.

Dear Santa,

May I please have a hot Indian boy for Christmas? I promise to convert to Hinduism and eat more curry.

Engaged at Disney?

Today I went to Disney (Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and finally EPCOT for Food & Wine Festival) and then Cowboys for mums birthday. Am barely sober enough to type this- much effort on my part, you have no idea...
Backspace is my new bestfriend. Thank god firefox underlines misspelled words or I would have no idea what drunken corrections I would have to make haha

Tomorrow will try to remember EPCOT Food & Wine Festival fun because I think I need to incorporate that (and FL's Disney World in general) into my NaNoWriMo BBT fic.

It Was fun! And I couldn't help but think of how the characters of BBT my react if taken to Disney by Hank & Penny. Maybe that's how I'll end it.

S/P get together at MK. Sure, it's a sitcom cliche, but since the 90s sitcoms rarely end up at Disney anymore for main charatcers to get together. It seems time to do that again. We''l make it a 2010 November thing, and even though I'm going to base the menu off of 2009's F&W festival, it'll still work.

Writing anal socially inept Sheldon at Disney could be lots of fun.